Band Members

Title Description
GENE BUTLER - SONGWRITER/GUITAR/VOCALS Growing up in Macon, Georgia in the 60’s, where he was a member of the Cotton Street Gospel Choir, Gene Butler was surrounded by the music of Otis Redding, the Allman Brothers, Little Richard and the inspiring gospel music that would emanate out of the black churches on a Sunday Morning. At a young age Gene knew that music was as close to heaven as the human soul could get. Little wonder that music was the path his life would take. Butler wrote his first song ‘Momma, Wish I'd Listened To You’ in collaboration with his best friend, Larry Crawford, after they spent a night in jail for violating Macon's "under eighteen" ten o'clock curfew law. They were both ten years old at the time and Butler still sings the acapella song during his show but makes a point of performing it before ten o'clock. Since his very first song, Gene Butler has lived a life and career workin... View Profile
ALAN "SHOTGUN" WEISS - DRUMS Alan, aka "Shotgun", has been drumming since he got his first drum set at the age of three. Since then, Shotgun describes his drumming as a way to express himself, but most of all he says drumming out the beats brings fun to his life. Shotgun has been playing with the Gene Butler Band for over eight years and is an integral member of the band.... View Profile